1 Legs Overalls Shot

A message from our Chair

Legs on the Wall is profoundly disappointed at the loss of our federal funding and we stand with many other fine Australian arts companies who share this devastating news. The impact is brutal and we now face an uncertain future in a sector demoralised by these decisions. Over coming weeks Legs will try to find a way of overcoming this giant hurdle and we remain committed to the delivery of outstanding physical theatre.

Legs is an iconic Australian physical theatre company with over 31 years of creating daring, risky and innovative works that have thrilled and challenged audiences. We have performed nationally in a myriad of outdoor spaces and at major arts events such as the Perth and Sydney festivals. And we have performed extensively internationally, including at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and the London Cultural Olympiad in 2012.

It is interesting that this election is all about jobs and growth, just not in the small to medium arts sector, the training furnace of creativity in Australia.

Simone Whetton