Help us tell one of the bravest and most compelling works we’ve ever made

Its no secret Legs recently received a devastating funding blow from the federal government. If we just accept the cuts, projects like The Man With The Iron Neck – one of the bravest and most compelling works we’ve ever made – will be left half-cooked with its urgent story untold. We aren’t willing to accept this. Many of you have been asking – how can I help? Our answer – be a guardian angel for this urgent work.

We need your donation to bring this work to the stage. 

The Man With the Iron Neck is harrowing, daring and delicate, it deals with an important Australian story no one else is telling, in a way that only Legs can do. Based on a true story, it explores the journey for an Aboriginal family surviving the aftermath of the loss of a young brother, with a cast of the country’s most exciting Aboriginal performers.

This subject needs to be thought about, talked about and considered seriously. Only a company like Legs would have the courage to take on such a serious subject. I’m looking forward to seeing this magnificent team deliver this bold and courageous project.
Kirk Page, Maker and Performer, Legs Board member.

Travelling through grief and despair this work finds a way to ultimately tell the story of strengthening families and celebrating life. It challenges, engages and invigorates, while creating critical conversation about what is now Australia’s greatest humanitarian crisis.

This year an audit of 28 federal electorates found suicides exceeded road deaths in every seat. Source: ABS (2012)

Recent statistics show that 80% of youth suicide victims in Australia are Aboriginal.Source: Brain and Mind Centre University of Sydney (2016)

There is no more important time for this story to be told.

The development of this work is almost fully funded – we only need $15K to see it through to final development. This is vital to it being picked up by major presenters and toured extensively. We know there is strong interest. There is no more important time for this story to be told.Kath Melbourne, Executive Producer at Legs

DONATE NOW before EOFY to make sure this project happens:

Major Angel – $5k and over
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All donations over $2 are tax deductible. We’d like to acknowledge your support (please leave us a note if you’d prefer to remain anonymous, we value your privacy too).

It’s not every day you get to be a guardian angel and receive a tax deduction!