Perch Overview

Perch was a global performance event created for multiple stages high above the streets of two distinctive urban landscapes; Campinas and Glasgow. It was conceived as a spectacular multiplatform narrative utilising aerial theatre, street theatre, community participation, massed choirs, youth orchestras, live media broadcast and experimental storytelling.

Perch took place synchronously on rooftops in both cities, encouraging audiences to visit unusual and unfamiliar spaces; spaces that provide sights of our environment that are normally hidden, and views from rooftops that reveal the horizons beyond the limits of each city.

Created by international artists in collaboration with performers and communities from each country, Perch is a story that explores our need to look beyond the ordinary and the pedestrian in search of beauty and wonderment. It offers a moment for us to stop and see our place in the world, and challenges us see to see it from a different perspective.

Perch was born out of an interest from all three partners in creating a story, which unfolds in the space that is above us. We spend the majority of our lives focusing on what is immediately before us – more and more this space is confined to the parameters of a screen. In creating Perch we offer the audience an opportunity to lift their sights to the world of the heavens, where birds migrate across vast distances and, be it from the roof of a tall building or the window of an aeroplane, our perception of our place within the world changes completely.

: Rottenrow Gardens, Glasgow and Largo do Rosario Square, Campinhas City, July 2014





Photography by Anna Robertson and Ingrid Mur