Tale of Samulnori Overview

Premiered in 2015 and available to tour

An exciting collaboration between Legs On The Wall and Korean company AsiaNow, Tale of Samulnori is a joyous celebration of the energy that is generated when two cultures work together to create something new.

Through passionate music, powerful images and virtuosic acrobatics it embraces a spirit of adventure and inventiveness and offers audiences a new way to experience stories in the theatre.

Tale of Samulnori is a family show inspired by a fable about four siblings who save the world from an Ash Monster that is blocking out the warmth and energy of the Sun. This simple story of creativity and ingenuity is told through a powerful combination of traditional and contemporary acrobatics, striking video imagery and joyous music.


WORKSHOP SEASON Seoul Street Arts and Creation Space, Korea, April 2015

WORLD PREMIERE‚Ä® Busan Cinema Centre, Korea, May 2015

AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE Sydney Opera House, Australia, June 2015






Photography: Jiwoo Nam

Video: Andrew Wholley/Red Rug