Spark #3

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Spark #3

A performance development residency supported by Legs On The Wall

Through Spark, Legs offers artists space to provide opportunity to practice their craft and test ideas without the pressure of outcomes.

Sparkers will have the support of the Legs team and our venue resources, as well as the option to share their work with a group of invited peers and industry professionals. There are no fees paid as part of this opportunity.

Who should apply: Directors, Choreographers, Writers, Acrobats, Aerialists, Dancers, Actors, Designers, Musicians, Painters, Projectionists, and more,

Duration: Proposals are open for residencies of up to 5 days, scheduled between March 19th– 31st, 2018.

Where: Red Box, Legs On The Wall, 91 Canal Rd Lilyfield, NSW, 2040.

*Please note: The days available will be divided to give as much opportunity to as many as is practical. The venues and sites may also be shared or divided, where viable, but we will always ask and be sensitive to your needs!

A sharing of your progress: Monday 2nd of April TBC, you may opt out of this if you wish.


Be ready to start on March 19th – in case you get the call!

Forward a brief description about the work you intend to develop & those involved. Please include anything relevant about yourself, your practice & your intended use of equipment, rigging or apparatus.

Apply to:

* This is an equal opportunity and open access call out, please spread the word!