Get Sprung!

4 week Trampolining & Parkour intensive

Tutors: Liam Lind & Johnas Liu

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Where: The Red Box, 91 Canal Rd, Lilyfield

Date: Every Monday from May 15-June 5, 2017

Time: 6.30-8.30pm

Cost: $140 (+gst) for 4 weeks

$40 (+ gst) casual

Get your bounce on with Highly Sprung team members!

This is a fantastic opportunity for people with physical experience to mix it up and expand their skills in a high energy, highly sprung session of trampolining & parkour led by two of Australia’s best!

Trampolining workshop with Liam Lind

As a National Gymnastics champion, performer and trampolinist, Liam seeks to unify all of the technical disciplines through physical expression. Liam’s 1 hour sessins will be tailored to your skills, working at developing traditional trampolining and gymnastics techniques which will support the progression of the more creative ‘wall running’ aspect of Trampolining.

Parkour workshop with Johnas Liu

As a practitioner of Parkour for over 6 years, Johnas has developed a passion for movement in all areas. Parkour serves as the foundation of movement and encourages a natural and playful way of discovering the body and its potential. Johnas will lead you through one hour of high impact fundamentals of Parkour technique, progressing as you expand your movement vocabulary through fun and challenging skills.

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Impacted partnering

Impacted Partnering

6 week series focusing on partnering techniques

Tutor: Joshua Thomson,

Level: All levels

Classes are well adapted to both beginners and those with more advanced skills. They are an opportunity to review the basics and to build on and up-skill your existing knowledge.

Where: The Red Box, 91 Canal Rd, Lilyfield

Date: Every Monday from June 26- July 31, 2017

Time: 6.30-8.30pm

Cost: $20 per class (+gst)
Joshua Thomson will lead the latest in our series of classes and workshops that aim to provide you with the opportunity to explore and build skills in a variety of physical disciplines. This round of classes focuses on partnering techniques, using both contemporary dance and acro-balance movement styles & qualities as well as overall strength building.
Joshua has led classes all over the world and brings a rich history of experience and knowledge to his teaching. He has a vibrant and enthusiastic approach to creating and delivering workshops.

Be prepared to work hard while having fun, laugh and sweat your way through these invigorating and physically challenging and inspiring workshops.

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