Tutors: Lee-Anne Litton, Alejandro Rolandi & Roger Graham

Level: No previous aerial training is required but a movement/performer background is required

Where: The Red Box, 91 Canal Rd, Lilyfield

Dates: Oct 24-27, 2017

Time: 10am-4pm

Cost: $550


This is your chance to participate and experience our training methodologies and creative processes around risk management for high-risk physicality.

Our Co-Artistic Director, Lee-Anne Litton, will team up with safety expert Roger Graham and their long-term collaborator Alejandro Rolandi, to teach a 4-day Aerial Masterclass focusing on devising processes around the “Culture of Safety” that is signature to her practice. All three facilitators have contributed their own discoveries to the company’s safety procedures and aerial techniques, since their first collaborations over a decade ago.

Roger is one of Australia’s most prestigious safety experts and works across industries such as the performing arts, film and television. He plays a leading role in the development of safe methodologies for high-risk work.

Alejandro and Lee-Anne will bring their expertise in working safely with originally designed rigs. Sharing their process of understanding risk and how to approach new aerial physicality, they will explore how to harness its maximum expressive potential without exposure to unacceptable danger. They both have an independent and a shared history in the performing arts, with an impeccable safety record, and have been key players in the development of new approaches to aerial work.

These Masterclasses will include training of both the body and mind in a safe and inclusive environment Participating artists will be equipped with the knowledge to identify, understand, and work creatively from a place of safety awareness and technical understanding.

The physical training will include core and upper body strengthening, while individual and group-devising tasks across a variety of aerial systems will aid us to put into practice our methodologies for creative play within high-risk situations.

Previous aerial experience (both harnessed and unharnessed techniques) is preferred, but not essential, provided you have some training in other movement styles.

Please contact us if you have a physical practice and no previous Aerial experience and are keen to participate!

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