A compact yet commanding apparatus looms over the space like a curtain of tentacles. This new duet work is both tantalising and tormenting, as our couple plays amongst 100 ropes, testing their own darkest desires and coercing us to question our own.

Cat’s Cradle is a physical and emotional exploration, pushing to the edge of risk, we sit there, with the ability to observe that edge. We play with what is real and what is staged through these two women, their different desires, hopes and expectations. A sculptural apparatus (the cradle) looms overhead with over 100 ropes hanging into the space below, manipulating and manipulated.

Brutal and tender, the concept shifts of what it is to caress and be caressed, testing how it differs for each of us.

Our performers have been instrumental in the development of this piece. Showing strength even at their most vulnerable. Allowing themselves to seem compromised, when always in control, and always holding one another. We worked together to explore limits, to question appropriate behaviours, to find tenderness where it may not obviously sit, and to celebrate being yourself in defiance of how you may be perceived by the outside world.

Legs is celebrating a return to the intimate space, creating a small scale work that still holds true to the essence of Legs - over 33 years of creativity with strong physical storytelling.  Cat’s Cradle is thrilling, as it has let us dip our toes into a darker and more risqué performance. This work is extremely taxing for the two performers, Angie and Macca, as they are literally pushed to their own limits, physically and emotionally.


Angie Diaz
Macarena Bravi


Director: Joshua Thomson
Development collaborator: Angie Diaz
Development collaborator: Macarena Bravi
Sound Design and Composition: Zackari Watt
Lighting Benjamin Brockman
Rigger/Designer - David Jackson
Creative Producer - Cecily Hardy