where two currents meet
a cool updraft hits warm coastal air
at this 
cliff top 
a meeting, a chance 
clash, an altering 
new is strong 
some are lost 
in the wake
wind sings with memory

The Hungry Mile is an aerial, site-specific, 5 performer rendering. Told not from an imposed theatre stage, but from the existing surfaces – inside and out - of some of Millers Point’s most beautiful, contentious and story-steeped architectures. With the pivotal old Bond Store as our centre point, Legs will defy expectations and gravity as we reach out to the walls, homes, streets, lanes, rooftops, cliff drops, and construction sites in the heartland of the Millers Point community. 

Participatory at its core, this live physical performance embraces community members as key cast, seamlessly enveloped into this artful experience for audiences. Having a community member welcomed into the core team of performers is a show of respect; a homage, and a meaningful visibility for this community, and others like it. 

“It never ceases to astonish me how passionately concerned everyone is about the heritage of buildings, but not the heritage of people” 
Barney Gardener, resident of 60yrs, relocated April 2017

Legs brings together a  skilled team of artists to create a work sensitive to the collision of perspectives in this suburb. Steering clear of didacticism, the work will have moments of emotional impact, but is ultimately a celebration, a tribute to the intangibles – the culture, social connections, emotional attachments, memories, happenings - that are disappearing here. With our iconic form of aerial wall dancing and large-scale imagery, Legs will bring people together for a wonderful night out.