Leg Up artists at Legs On The Wall are part of a year long residency program that provides them with space, mentoring/advice, access to classes and workshops.

2019 Artists


Romain Hassanin

Romain is a generalist at heart and a practitioner of things movement. With origins in parkour, art du deplacement, capoeira and breaking, they are always entrenched in his practice, however his focus over the last few years has fallen under the umbrella of contemporary dance.

Romain currently works between the realms of dance, circus and parkour. He worked with Big hArt in the development and stage performance of ‘Skate project’ and is currently with the circus dance company Blindful in Melbourne where he has been touring with them since 2017.  He has featured in several TV commercials and shoots involving parkour: including Canon and Jeep.

He was a part of the Melbourne pre professional youth dance company Yellowwheel and Melbourne Parkour as an instructor and practitioner. He was also a member of United Art of Movement in Ballarat and Hybrid Elements collective in Tasmania whose focus was to bridge the gap between dance, martial arts tricking and parkour.  

In 2018 Romain choreographed a trio piece in development called ‘Crepitus’ and developed two solo pieces performed for Moonah moves festival in Tasmania and with the artists in residence program at the Van L dance company performed in Melbourne and Sydney.

What am I looking forward to as part of Leg Up?  

I am looking forward to gaining some new skills to add to the arsenal and to take in and store whatever is thrown at me.