This exciting production sees us working with the talented Joshua Thomson and Gavin Webber. The Raft draws on the powerful physical language and methodology that they have developed from working together for many years.

The Raft explores the idea of two worlds, which coexist alongside each other, one floating above and one sitting below.

Whoever is on top has gravity on their side. This privilege becomes about power, facilitating the want for more, and abusing the ability to let things go. The debris caused by this privilege becomes someone else’s problem, the problem of those below. How does someone try to find their own way out when they are being impacted so deeply by the desires of others?

Central to this is the raft, a custom-built multi-layered platform, suspended between these two worlds, connecting them and those who exist on each plane.

As the performers interact with each other and the raft the concepts of what we value, what we own and what we need are embodied in the physical interaction between performers and the raft.


Gavin Webber

Joshua Thomson

Luke Smiles