Legs On The Wall is a recognised global cultural export. We have performed around the world reaching audiences in their thousands through our outdoor work – such as the opening night of the London Cultural Olympiad in 2012 (The Voyage), Homelands in the Sydney CBD, and most recently at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow (Perch).

Over the course of our lifetime, we estimate 680,000 people have come to see a Legs show. The dynamic, highly visual non-text based work that Legs creates is a strong attractor for first time arts goers. A free outdoor performance by Legs has for many people been their first cultural experience.

While often grand in scale, audiences love our work for its intimacy. It has the capacity to reach them and speak directly to them, particularly through the intimate experience of our in theatre work such as All Of Me, Bubble and most recently Puncture.

We work with leaders in circus, dance, music, multimedia and theatre so we can delight audiences with our own movement language and style.  Increasingly we are fostering new voices in physical theatre through placements, developments and productions.

We are known in the arts as innovators and ready collaborators, partnering often with independent musicians, video makers, theatre makers, engineers, dancers, designers, architects, acrobats, aerialists, puppeteers and clowns.

We’d love to have you at our next show. Please come take a look at what we are cooking up!